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Our immune system is under constant attack from microbial parasites, bacteria, fungi, and virus. Most Doctors today do not fully understand how these organisms enter our digestive system, let alone how to get rid of them.
Zero antibiotics will cure any viral infections. This includes the common cold or Covid19

It is these infectious agents that drain our energy throughout a our life. It has been proven that this leads to digistive complications later as we get older.
Doctors tend to over use prescription drugs and  antibiotics to try to cure some of these digestive diseases.
Most of the time they come up short, not fully understanding what is going on and why! this can be  frustrating at times, plus the with over use of antibiotics.

Problems with antibiotics:   
kills off good bacteria!
overgrowth of yeast and fungi
Leaky gut and autoimmune disorders
This is where Immune Support EO helps with these problem.
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Raphael d’Angelo MD

35 years in digestive parasite prevention and cure of immune system. Dr. d'Angelo also invented the 1st prescription essential oil digestive supplement.
Director, Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine and the ParaWellness Research Program

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