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February 28, 2020
Immune Support EO Family Monthly Subscription Plan

Aromatherapy is not a new method as holistic help when compared to modern medicine, Aromatherapy has been around for a few millennia helping many people with their unique problems. The biggest issue with aromatherapy is the current methods of delivery. This includes cotton balls, diffusers, and candles. These types of methods can be quite messy and inconsistent without any reliable benefits, your treatment may vary day-to-day using these methods.

The best way to take these essential oils through the digestive tract where you get maximum absorbance for efficiency with reliable & repeatable results time after time.

Dr. Raphael d’Angelo developed the formula years before meeting research pharmacist Marty Jones, who turned Dr. D'Angelo essential oil formula into a prescription-only tablet called AromaTab back in 2008.

Years later Dr. D'Angelo has been able to refine the formula for a more complete absorption within the digestive tract vs previous methods used in the prescription essential oils tablets.

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